I heart Zooey Deschanel's style.

女優で歌手のZooey Deschanel初めとする女性3人がやってるライフスタイルウェブマガジン『HelloGiggles (http://hellogiggles.com/)』が可愛くて面白い。情報サイトなのにあれだけしっかりと世界観が定まってるのは珍しい。 Zooeyの世界観が好きな人は是非見るべき。

I love the lifestyle web magazine "Hello Giggles" founded by Zooey Deschanel and actress and musician. Although it plays as a news site, it is rare to find this much worldview on similar websites. If you enjoy Zooey's taste you will surely enjoy this too.

Photos via http://hellogiggles.com/


Photo via http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1022603/




私が、彼女のことを知ったのは2008年の10月号のNYLONで、まさにIt girl特集をやっていた。同年の上半期は、 myspaceでスターになった Lilly Allenの後を追うように、Katy Perryが元カレをシニカルに笑ったUr So GayというミュージックビデオをYoutubeに上げていた。黒髪の分厚いバングスにミステリアスな青い瞳、ケイティーと見間違えたよね。二人ともレトロなスタイルを可愛く着こなすんだけど、Katyはロカビリーが似合って、Zooeyはグランジっぽいかも。

The first time I got to know her was through the 'It girl', in NYLON's October 2008 issue. The beginning of the same year, Katy Perry made a music video named 'Ur So Gay' with a touch of irony about her ex-boyfriend and uploaded it to YouTube. (and that was just after Lilly Allen became star of 'myspace'.)
Zooey and Katy looked so alike, they both had the same hairstyle (black with thick bangs), and both with mysterious blue eyes. They also both look good with nostalgic clothes, Katy with rockabilly clothes and Zooey with grunge clothes.

She & Him - In The Sun
歌詞がとっても良い。このプロモーションビデオのシチュエーションは、古典(私たちにとっては) のBaby One More Time/Britney Spearsと比べてみると面白いよ。

I really like the lyrics. Its interesting if you compare this PV with the classic (at least classic to us) Britney Spears - Baby One More Time.


Zooey as a style icon
I'm really fond of her fashion inspired by the 50's, retro and kitsch. I myself am admired to the times before I was born too, so I wish I can go shopping with her someday.

Photo via http://fashiongonerogue.com/

on "ASOS", one majore-commerce site


There is a model really look like Zooey. (ASOS is truly skillful at marketing, and they have models who look just like fashion icons Celebrities)

Photo via http://www.asos.com/

This is my favorite! great mimic of Zooey.



My 21 Birthday memory...

お陰さまで、今月4日21歳になりました。たくさんの人にお祝いしていただいて感無量です。私は本当に恵まれています。同時、たくさんの人の支援によって株式会社 Kwl-E (クゥーイー)設立することとなりました。

司会には国民的アニメ『ドラえもん』でジャイアン役を担当している木村昴くん、DJは現役山手線車掌のDJ Enariさん、パフォーマンスはKINUちゃんとTajimiくんがやってくれました。 スピーチにも、師匠・坂井直樹さんと、コネクトフリー代表のクリストファーさんから素晴らしいお言葉を頂きました。


Photo by: Shotaro Watanabe
Retouched by me

Thanks everyone!


xx E


IVS workshop

先日、Infinity Ventures Summit のワークショップ(http://www.infinityventures.com/ivs/workshop/)に参加させていただきました。 前夜祭では、「How to be magnetic?」をタイトルに好奇心とツールによって行動を起こすことについてレクチャーをさせて頂きました。機会をくださった小林さん、運営スタッフのみなさん有難う御座いました。


The other day, I participated in the workshop planned by Infinity Ventures Summit. Fortunately I had an opportunity to deliver a lecture called "how to be magnetic?". It was about my photography career and my curiosity. I was so thankful to Mr.Kobayashi and staff of IVS.


When I was 7 I played with snake ;P

xx Emi


The Track, The Train, The Traveler Native Son 2011–12 A/W


チェルシーの校外で行われた、Native Sonのコレクション。今季のテーマはトラック、トレイン、トラベラー。メンズウェアの歴史的なイデオロギーが詰まっている。過去と未来と現在の象徴するガーメントが混在している。バードアイウール、カシミヤ、1920年代の労働者スタイルなどインスピレーションがつまってる。



(cc) PHOTOS by Emi Kusano

Native Son - The Track, The Train, The Traveler (dir. Isaac Rentz) from More Media on Vimeo.

会場にはIssac Rentz氏のインスタレーションアートが展示されていた。

I'm starting up!

This post is English version of the last post.

Written : July 29th Friday

  Next month on August 4th, I'll be turning 21. On my birthday, I will be establishing Kwl-E Co. Ltd. with UI designer Mr. Sugumori and Engineer Mr.Rei.The name of the company is made up from "kwl", the slang term for cool, and e, which come from "kawaii" and "kakkoii", which mean "cute" and "cool" in Japanese. the name also derives from "kui" which comes from a famous Japanese saying We are planning to develop a high-quality web portfolio service, which will allow users to express their commercial will and creative attributes. I would like this web site to turn into an aspiring artists' helping hand, so that they can do what they love for a living like me. I have been imagining this for a long time. A dream we have been imagining since we met at the end of May is about to be realized.

  I have had the opportunity to work in the fashion industry as a photographer since I was 17 years old. I've had the chance to write for a fashion magazine and go to New York to see street fashion overseas. I have been surrounded by unrealistic and hard-to-believe opportunities. From these opportunities, I was able to find various work and look at the world through a camera lens.

  But this time around, I am going to be diving into the IT industry. I have been surrounded by people form the information technology industry. But, half of them are surprised at what I am doing. "Aren't you going to be a photographer?" "Aren't you going to make some fashion-related website?" Of course, I love photography. It's not about if i am in love with the camera or the photographs themselves. And of course, I have a lot of compassion and love for fashion. I just feel like there is bigger possibilities in bringing people together and setting up a place where people can interact with one another.

 When I look back, at an early age, I was excited at the familiarity between the Internet (connection) and fashion (self-expression). I grew up in the generation where that familiarity was the the strongest. When I was around 10, I was inspired by Gina Garan and fell in love with with the photographs of the Blythe dolls. I love the insipid and mysterious expressions of the 70's.

 I grew up watching the old cartoons, so I have always been interested in retro. I used to put Skipper's (Barbie's sister) 60's clothes on replica Price dolls. On my homepage, I have hand-drawn icons and GIF animations, as well as a custom BBS set up. I think that this is why I write about fashion on my blog.

xx E
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